For Deeta, it all started in 10th grade. She was assisting at her family’s coloured stone tradeshow booth, and a succession of designers wanted help selecting the perfect material for their collections. From the swirl of colors to the feeling of accomplishment when her customers left satisfied, something clicked -- and Deeta knew she would carry on as the fourth-generation jeweller for her family.

Thanks to such early exposure, Deeta’s decision to study gemology in residence at GIA Mumbai campus was simple, and she credits her time there with shaping her future: “GIA polished my existing knowledge and gave me a better perspective in my career.” She began to feel her way toward design, ultimately drawn to organic shapes and rich colors for her own award-winning collection. Precious color is her mainstay, and she loves to incorporate vivid ruby and deeply saturated emerald, hues that reflect the natural world and inspire her unique twist on Indian handcrafted jewellery.

Deeta has learned to expect the unexpected while designing for collectors in India and the US, incorporating her knowledge of diamond grading and colored gems when she buys for her own work. As her network grows and her connections deepen, Deeta relies on confidence, creativity, and the relationships she has built along the way to guide her next steps.