Generational jewelry families are not uncommon in this industry, but the Hodge trio are redefining what a legacy looks like. Aldis and Briana – brother and sister – work in different sides of the trade, while their mother Yolette rediscovered her love of diamonds thanks to her children. All three consider themselves proud members of the global GIA family, and that thread connects them to each other in deeply meaningful ways.

Self-taught horologist and business owner Aldis took his education seriously, paying particular attention to the physical properties of gemstones to apply them in practical ways in his watchmaking. He embraces the creativity of the field while leaning into his love of an intellectual challenge, weaving together art and science in a way that embraces his eye for architecture and passion for complex mechanisms.

Briana has pursued her gemological studies through a different lens – her own, as a visual specialist and photographer. While inspired creation comes naturally to her, Briana approaches her work with calculated precision: when photographing phenomenal gemstones, for example, she recalls her GIA education and considers how the light will interact with an opal’s play-of color in order to get the perfect shot.

A childhood fascination with diamonds paved the way to Yolette’s pursuit of a GIA education, encouraged by her children’s enthusiastic support (she has grown to love colored stones, too!). Completing her online coursework alongside her family has been a special gift, and Yolette continues to explore the creative side of the industry with an interest in marketing. As an active member of multiple trade organizations, she credits her studies at GIA for providing a solid foundation for her – and her family’s – future.

Courtesy: Briana Hodge