For some, diamonds and gemstones shine like far-away stars -- but Lucy Kilislian, founder of Candy Ice Jewelry, designs her pieces for real-life Hollywood stars! A third generation jeweler born in Beirut, Lebanon and raised in Toronto, Canada, Lucy pursued her gemological and jewelry studies on campus in Carlsbad in order to gain the critical knowledge she needed to further succeed in her work. When she realized that many of her celebrity clients faced last-minute wardrobe changes (and wanted jewels to match!) she designed and patented an interchangeable clasp that allows her designs to transform from ring to earring, necklace to bracelet, and other artful combinations.

This innovation brought her acclaim in many circles, including induction into the Royal Ontario Museum permanent collection. Bright, bold colors and iced-out diamond pieces make up her signature style. Lucy herself loves to embrace the beautiful rainbow of colored gems she finds while globetrotting and taking in the glamour of prime-time events, balancing a whirlwind life with the pride she takes in giving back to the community. Candy Ice jewelry has appeared on red carpets all over the world, adorning famous figures with maximum sparkle and shine.

Courtesy: @candyicejewelry