Luke Hammond, is an Australian native who crafts jewelry that is an intersection of art and science. A neuroscientist, his area of study is using fluorescence microscopy to see the universe within living cells. He established an imaging platform at the University of Queensland in Australia and at Columbia University in New York City to explore the brain and understand diseases. It has allowed him the opportunity to witness the intricate patterns hidden within nature, which in turn have inspired his jewelry design and sculptures.

His interest in gems began soon after college, and he quickly enrolled in GIA classes to deepen his knowledge of gems, so that he could source high-quality gemstones for his jewelry. His education gave him a deeper appreciation for the scientific makeup of gemstones and confidence when communicating with clients. The stones seen here include Australian parti-colored sapphires and ametrine, some of Luke’s favorite stones. The designs are inspired by neurons, bones and other parts of the body, reflecting what it means to be human. His creations are tributes to the miraculous worlds within human bodies and gemstones.

Courtesy: @lukemaninov