A good student of history learns to take nothing at face value, plunging deep into the details and exploring dusty corners until the real story is brought to light. Mélanie has learned the art and science of this delicate task through her love of the past and her fascination with gemology, which have come together in her work handling outstanding jewelry at a world-renown auction house. One glance at a three-phase inclusions in an amethyst under magnification is all it took for Mélanie to dive into gemology, and her time at GIA Carlsbad served to strengthen her sleuthing abilities. Gemstones hold an inner story all their own, as “their formation and how everything is linked together… that part fascinates me and still holds a lot of mystery for me.” She takes that interior world and brings it to life alongside the complex histories of some of the world’s most important and fascinating jewelry pieces.

Through global travel to trade shows and places of gemological interest like Tanzania and Auvergne, Mélanie has continued to expand her network in the trade. Early friendships during her time at GIA showed her the value of making connections, and she continues to enjoy the discovery of new friends along with new jewelry.

Just as sapphire in all its colors and possibilities holds a special place in Mélanie’s heart, so too does the incredible diversity of color, style, and story of the historic jewels she touches every day.

Courtesy: Mélanie Matthes