Mirabai Kuk Nagle, GIA GG, was named after a 16th century Hindu saint and mystic poet. Influenced by her parents' love for gems, she dove into the gem and jewelry world when she was child and has not stopped since. Her dad studied Graduate Diamonds at GIA and managed a jewelry store, while her mother founded Hands of Spirit, a store that specializes in crystals, minerals, carvings and jewelry from all over the world.

Since obtaining her Graduate Gemologist degree via distance education, Mirabai has grown family-owned Hands of Spirit by leaps and bounds. She created an online platform and “paints with crystals” on Instagram, by displaying unique gem specimens from her store against Boulder, Colorado’s stunning scenery. What Mirabai loves most about her work is connecting with gem-lovers all over the globe and providing them with fine quality, hand selected items from the mineral kingdom.

She also loves using her voice to promote animal welfare and adoption. In her free time, she serves as a volunteer firefighter, getting certified annually by carrying 45 lbs. for 3 miles in under 45 minutes! Not only does Mirabai have a heart for gemstones, she has a heart for giving back to her community in Boulder! She rocks!

Photo: Hands of Spirit. Courtesy: Mirabai Nagle.