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Feng Jie, GIA GG

Feng Jie, GIA GG

Ethereal, modern and luxurious, the art jewelry designed by this GIA alum awes and delights jewelry lovers and collectors around the world.

Luke Hammond

Luke Hammond

What happens when a neuroscientist also discovers a passion for gemology and jewelry? Science and art collide for this Australian alum.

Ivan Co, GIA Jewelry Design Certificate

Ilan Portugali, GIA Diamonds Graduate

Ilan immigrated to the U.S. to fulfill his dream: sourcing rare diamonds for celebrity and high-net-worth clients.

Monica Bern, GIA GG, JDT and Michelle Ma, GIA Graduate Diamonds

Monica Bern, GIA GG, JDT and Michelle Ma, GIA Diamonds Graduate

The chance meeting of these two GIA alum and their mutual desire to be entrepreneurs brought them together as business partners.

Marina Pilibosian Bozabalian, GIA Graduate Gemologist and Ishkhan Bozabalian, GIA JDT

Marina Pilibosian Bozabalian, GIA GG
Ishkhan Bozabalian, GIA JDT

This duo has continued their family’s legacy by making their clients’ happiest moments a part of their business.

Ivan Co, GIA Jewelry Design Certificate

Ivan Co, GIA Jewelry Design Certificate

Combining quality, beauty and movement, this designer pushes the boundaries to transcend the limitations of wearability.

Josefina Baillères, GIA Graduate Gemologist

Josefina Baillères, GIA GG

A second generation GIA alum, her love of jewelry and fashion resulted in the launch of her own bespoke jewelry company.

Gerard Alexander, GIA Graduate Gemologist

Gerard Alexander, GIA GG

Resilience in the face of adversity. Gerard persisted and is now serving up bejeweled Happy Meal jewelry!

Niki Grandics, GIA Graduate Jeweler

Niki Grandics, GIA GJ

It was love at first solder…this GIA alum was the first in her family to pursue her dream of jewelry making and design.

Chamal Jayaratna, GIA Applied Jewelry Professional

Chamal Jayaratna, GIA AJP

An award-winning designer, Chamal hails from Sri Lanka, studied in Thailand and heads design in Australia and France.

Mirabai Kuk Nagle, GIA Graduate Gemologist

Mirabai Kuk Nagle, GIA GG

With a love for gems and jewelry since her youth, Mirabai scours the globe for the finest quality, hand selected gemstones.

Laura Mae, GIA Graduate Gemologist and Amanda Jean, GIA Graduate Gemologist

Laura Mae, GIA GG
Amanda Jean, GIA GG

These two GIA Graduate Gemologists are sisters and business partners, sharing a mutual passion for vintage jewelry.