Why This Seminar?

Laboratory-grown diamond (also sometimes referred to as man-made or synthetic diamond) technology is moving quickly, and with more laboratory-grown diamonds available in the market, the gem and jewelry trade needs to be prepared with tools and techniques that will help them distinguish natural from laboratory-grown diamonds.

How Does it Work?

This two-day seminar builds on GIA's more than 60 years of scientific research into natural, treated and laboratory-grown diamonds and 90 years of GIA's industry-leading gemological education programs. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of advanced diamond identification techniques, including an up-close examination of current production of laboratory-grown diamonds and the latest detection technology.

Participants will be guided by a GIA gemology instructor and a researcher with expert knowledge of laboratory-grown diamonds as a material, its identification and gemological characteristics, along with the processes used by GIA's laboratories to separate laboratory-grown diamonds from natural diamonds. Learn from illustrations, images, video and live demonstrations that let you see exactly what our experts see as they examine natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, under a microscope. Participants can interact with the instructor during the seminar, and will receive a digital guidebook and other useful reference material.

raw diamonds

Topics Include

  • Natural and laboratory-grown diamond formation, diamond defects and their analysis, (including the basic principles of spectroscopy)

  • The gemological properties of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) grown laboratory-grown diamonds

  • Post-growth treatment of laboratory-grown diamond

  • The analytical instrumentation used by laboratories to identify laboratory-grown diamonds

  • Examination of sample diamonds and their features under a microscope

  • Technologies and instruments used for identification including the GIA iD100™, GIA DiamondCheck™ and the GIA UV Lamp with Viewing Cabinet.

Topic of Interest
Ways to Learn
Live Online | 2 Days
$995 USD (GIA Alumni receive a 10% discount)
Level of Experience
Previous gemological training and/or experience recommended.
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