Why This Seminar?

The popularity of colored gemstones continues to grow. This seminar will introduce the core concepts that buyers and sellers of these gems should know to have informed discussions with their customers, including how to identify and explain the key attributes of colored gems, the factors that determine a gem’s value, common treatments applied to gems and how to translate characteristics into compelling features and benefits.

How Does it Work?

Participants are encouraged to ask questions as they are guided by GIA gemology instructors who will share their expertise through illustrations, images and lecture. This course is ideal for sales associates, colored gemstone investors and enthusiasts.

Learn important concepts that can help you evaluate the quality of a variety of colored stones. Courtesy: Indojewels Inc.
Topic of Interest
Colored Stones and Pearls
Ways to Learn
Live Online | 2 Hours
$195 USD (GIA Alumni receive a 10% discount)
Suggested for
Gem and Jewelry Professionals, Retailers, Sales Associates, Jewelry Enthusiast
How to Register
Click on the Register Now button and create an account on the GIA Alumni Collective Community