Why This Seminar?

Adding gemstones to your jewelry designs has never been easier, thanks to the new CAD tools available in the release of Rhino 7. In this self-paced seminar, you'll learn how to use these new updates to optimize your design flow from a GIA expert. You'll come away from this seminar feeling confident in your ability to create beautiful and unique jewelry pieces that your customers will love.

How It Works

Participants will have six months from the start of their course to complete 7 self-paced lessons consisting primarily of video demonstrations and online tutorials. Each lesson begins with a set of short exercise videos that explain the new tools and concepts. The lesson culminates with a project incorporating those new skills into a realistic jewelry design.

Each lesson progressively builds upon the next, and students can work through the information at their desired pace; reviewing information or fast-forwarding as needed. Lessons are designed to be engaging and meet a variety of learning styles.

Students receive a library of over 800+ Rhino files including gems, prongs, render materials, and more. This library of files is an important part of the jewelry workflow in Rhino.


  • Intermediate to advanced Rhino 7 skills

  • Using Rhino Libraries to import gems, components, and render materials

  • Creating realistic jewelry renderings with the updated Rhino Render

  • Placing cross-sections on and between rails with only Rhino tools

  • Creating signet rings with Network Surface

  • Leveraging Rhino Blocks and Block Editing

  • Flow Along Curve (updated for Rhino 7)

Projects in Jewelry Settings in Rhino 7
Projects in Jewelry Settings in Rhino 7


  • This is not an introductory Rhino course. Students must already have at least an intermediate skill level with creating jewelry forms in Rhino to enroll in this course. Experience with any previous version of Rhino (1-6) is fine; experience with Rhino 7 is not necessary.

Mac User Notice
  • All of the videos in this course were recorded using the PC version of Rhino 7.

  • You can follow along using the Mac version of Rhino 7, but please be aware that there are some differences between the two platforms.

  • In addition to the default differences, we have also customized the user interface and options, and these customizations and options will not be the same between platforms.

  • If you become stuck or have questions specific to the Mac version we will be unable to provide support.

Required Student Materials

  • Rhino 7 licenses are NOT included in this course. Students will need to purchase their own Rhino 7 license or download the free 90-day evaluation license, if available. https://www.rhino3d.com/download/

Micro prong Halo Project
Micro prong Halo Project
Topic of Interest
Jewelry, CAD
Ways to Learn
Self-Paced Online
$800 USD (GIA Alumni receive a 10% discount)
Suggested for
Jewelry CAD Designers, CAD Operators, and current users of Rhino 5, Rhino 6, or any Rhino-based jewelry plug-in.
How to Register
Click on the Register Now button and create an account on the GIA Alumni Collective Community