Why This Seminar?

Low temperature heat treatment of certain kinds of corundum has been a growing concern to the industry in the past several years. In this two-hour seminar, you’ll learn the challenges of determining low temperature heating in Ruby and Sapphire, and how GIA Research is developing more reliable ways to help identify this treatment.

How Does it Work?

Participants will be guided by GIA researchers with expert knowledge of low-temperature heat treatment of corundum and the processes used by GIA’s laboratories. Through a discussion of GIA’s experiments and trade observations, able to judge the impact of this treatment. Learn from illustrations, images, video and live demonstrations that allow you to see exactly what our experts see as they examine some of the very samples used in this research and learn to separate the sometimes subtle changes in inclusions that happen at these temperatures. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the instructor during the seminar, and will receive digital reference material.

Before and after the low heat treatment of a piece of Mozambique ruby. The change of color appearance is very subtle but the treatment definitely reduces blue color component’s contribution to the overall appearance.

Topics Include

  • Low-temperature heat treatment and its application to corundum

  • The challenges and limitations involved with conclusively identifying treated corundum

Topic of Interest
Colored Stones and Pearls
Ways to Learn
Live Online | 2 Hours
$195 USD (GIA Alumni receive a 10% discount)
Suggested for
Gem and Jewelry Professionals, Researchers, Buyers , Appraisers, Gemologist
How to Register
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