Why This Seminar?

Created through a technological process rather than geological, gem-quality laboratory-grown diamonds have become readily available in the retail gem market. Many customers have questions about these gems including how they compare to natural diamonds and how they are made.

How Does it Work?

This seminar will provide essential knowledge about laboratory-grown diamonds that will give gem and jewelry professionals the confidence to have responsible discussions with their customers. Key topics will include the main production methods (HPHT and CVD), a review of important U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, and the services, methods and instruments that can help to distinguish laboratory-grown and natural diamonds, including GIA Laboratory Reports and the GIA iD100™ gem testing device.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions as they are guided by GIA gemology instructors who will share their expertise through illustrations, images, video and live demonstrations of the characteristics of production methods and testing tools.

HPHT synthetic diamonds
High-quality cut, colorless and colored laboratory-grown diamonds are increasingly available in the market. Many, such as the yellow roughs shown here are made using the carbon vapor deposition (CVD) method.
Topic of Interest
Ways to Learn
Live Online | 2 Hours
$195 USD (GIA Alumni receive a 10% discount)
Suggested for
Gem and Jewelry Professionals, Retailers, Jewelry Enthusiasts, Appraisers
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